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Adaptive Sports and Recreation


group of cyclists in their adaptive bicycles on a trail

Adaptive sports are generally sports or recreational activities that are for people living with disabilities. Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation is unique in that, while we are a sport and recreation program for those living with disability, we are SO much more than that. Our program was created as a resource for those in our community who are living with disability to enjoy the benefits of social, emotional and physical well-being through ongoing activity. We are a health promotion program that uses sport and recreation as the vehicle to improve quality of life.

These two terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

The benefits of adaptive sports are many. Decreased anxiety, depression and stress to name a few. Increased socialization, improved health and quality of life are some more! For many, adaptive sports is key to returning to a healthy lifestyle after a catastrophic health event. For some, it is an introduction to sport even if they never participated prior to their life change. Whichever it may be, it is a life-changer for most.

In the disability world, adaptive equipment is considered any tool or device that is used to help with tasks associated with activities of daily living. In the adaptive sports world, adaptive equipment are items that allow those living with a disability to participate in the sport or activity they love.

In adaptive sports, adaptive equipment can be something as simple as a strap that allows someone with hemiplegia to safely hold their arm while cycling to something as complex as a racing handcycle, designed for someone with quadriplegia to achieve their racing goals. Other examples include specially designed sports chairs for rugby, basketball and power soccer, active hands that help those with weak grip, bowling ramps and so many more.

Our program serves anyone living with a physical, visual or cognitive disability.

Brooks Foundation provides all funding so that we are able to offer all our programs at no charge. There is no fee for the adaptive sports equipment, expert instruction and limited bus transportation to our activities.

A referral from your doctor or insurance is not necessary to participate.

The process is easy! Either call us at (904) 345 - 7314 or email [email protected]. We will set up an intake evaluation during which we will gather demographic and medical information from you and provide you with all the info you need to get going!