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Adaptive Sports and Recreation


young man in wheelchair taking part in a race wearing a Brooks Adaptive tshirt
Brooks Rehabilitation is committed to empowering patient recovery through its complete System of Care. Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation is here to provide a community for people living with disabilities to help promote an improved quality of life.
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young surfer excitedly entering the ocean

Long-term health and wellness

Our adaptive sports and recreation program is research based and proven to promote better physical, social and emotional health, well-being and quality of life for those experiencing temporary or permanent disability.
a yoga class participant on the floor being assisted by the yoga teacher with a stretching band

Open to everyone

Our motto of fun, fitness and friendship inspires people of all ages and abilities. That’s why our activities are open to everyone. There is no previous experience or skill required to participate and we provide all the equipment, training and adaptations needed for each individual based on their unique interests and abilities.
young girl and an older gentleman cycling with their adaptive bicycles on a trail

Activities for all comfort levels

With up to 15 activities every week, there are a variety of activities for everyone’s comfort level. From yoga to full contact rugby and everything in between, activities take place inside or outside, with a team or solo, and individuals may participate at a recreational or competitive level.

Our community partners

Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation has grown tremendously since our program launched in 2007. So much of that is thanks to the many community partners who’ve helped us create a powerful and life-changing program for members of our community with disabilities.

How do community partners help?

Local businesses and organizations can support our programs by:
Sponsoring, organizing and participating in events.
Providing expertise and resources.
Donating or raising funds.
Providing recreational space for events, programs and tournaments.